About us

Basildon and Thurrock Conservative Federation represents the Conservative Party in the Parliamentary constituencies of Thurrock and South Basildon & East Thurrock.
The Federation exists to:
  • Promote the Conservative cause within both constituencies
  • Seeks the election and return of a Conservative Members of Parliament and Conservative Councillors in Thurrock Borough and Basildon District Councils
  • Raising funds for the Conservative Party and the Federation
  • Organise local political and social activities
  • Select and train potential Local council candidates.
  • Select or reselect the Constituency MPs
The Federation relies on its members to help finance through their subscriptions and donations the production of literature, posters, this website and social media as the key elements of our local campaigns and our Campaign office in West Thurrock, which is manned by volunteers.
The Management team for 2021-2022 currently is:
  • President 
  • Chairman  
  • Deputy Chairman Political  
  • Deputy Chairman Membership 
  • Thurrock Officer
  • SBET officer
  • South Basildon Rep.